Bearded Halloween - Top 10 Fancy Dress Ideas

Its nearly that time to don the face paint, knock on strangers doors and eat your weight in Mr Kipling cakes that have spooky names and added green food colouring. Now as a beardy gent I find it hard to get the perfect Halloween outfit so I thought I'd list 10 of my favourite I've found to help everyone out there with a bit of facial fuzz that they quite rightly don't want to shave. Hopefully combining scary with cool.

Now all of these outfits would need a Gentle Beard to offset the scariness so don't forget to get yourself a bottle from our store. My recommendation would be the Autumn scent with its Sandalwood ingredient to help you smell great even when dressed as a Werewolf (aaaaaaah I missed an obvious one! So its now top 11).

Number 11: Teen wolf from well Teen wolf and Teen wolf Toooooooo

Teen Wolf

What do you need? Blue Varsity jacket, Yellow basketball jersey, some aviator sunglasses and a mean air guitar.

Number 10: Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead

Rick Grimes Walking Dead

Grab a sheepskin jacket, wet your hair and add some red paint/blood.

Number 9: Bluto from Popeye

Bluto - Popeye

This is one for the taller, wider Gent. Some yellow trousers, a black t-shirt, a blue cap and a smaller friend who likes spinach is all you need.

Number 8: Blackbeard the Pirate from the Sea


Arrrrh shiver me timbers and all that. A pirate outfit so you have a great excuse to down a load of Rum and buy a parrot.

Number 7: Drake from Hot Line Bling

Drake Hot-lining

Just funny, no other reason for it being here. What's needed? Grey roll neck jumper, timberland boots, some salsa moves and a trimmed beard that Craig David would envy.

Number 6: Calvin Candie from Django Unchained

Leo DiCaprio Django

I fitted in a Gent who was certainly not a Gentle Man. Get yourself an old school suit from Camden market, a flower lapel and a little hammer. 

Number 5: Tormund Giantsbane from Game of Thrones

Tormund Giantsbane Game of Thrones

Absolute legend this guy and one I could do with my Ginger facial furniture. Lots of layers of clothes needed though as 'winter is coming'.....see what I did there.

Number 4: Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Aquaman Jason Momoa

This one is way more on the cool side than scary but hey ho. All you need is a long wig, a trident (they must sell them in B&M?), a black sharpie for the tattoos, and a physique of a god...… have 2 weeks to hit the gym.

Number 3: Kathy Bates's Bearded Lady from American Horror Story

Bearded Lady Kathy Bates

Please Please some one do this one and send it into us. I'll send you a free bottle of Beard Oil! 

Number 2: Captain Spaulding from 1000 Corpses

Captain Spaulding

A clown outfit, some face paint and a little hat...….I hate clowns so I'm moving on.

Number 1: Santa/Father Christmas from Christmas

Father Christmas/Santa Claus

Creepy dude. Red PJs with fur trim and a bobble hat is all that's needed along with an obsession with making toys for kids, a love of lists featuring all 'good and bad' children, a hermit mentality of staying in until the end of December, a skill of thievery pinching milk & cookies and punching a poor reindeer in the face until it has a red nose. Hang around smaller people and order them about is voluntary but enhances the look. Odd scary man. Great beard though!

Let me know your favourites, tell me what I've missed and even better share your bearded Halloween outfits and I'll feature them up on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!!

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