What happens when you grow a beard?

10 Beardy Facts so you have perfect excuses not to shave.

We all know the main reason to not keep growing your beard into a magnificent beast...………other people! So to help you I've found 10 facts for you to fend off the razor sales people of the world.

1. Your beard can shield against skin cancer - According to research from the University of Queensland, having facial hair reduces your exposure to the sun by about one-third, compared to a clean-shaven face, and the ultraviolet protection factor, or UPF, ranged from 2 to 21. For those who aren't science nerds, this means a beard protects you from about 90-95 percent of dangerous ultraviolet rays that would usually hit your face, thereby significantly lowering your risk of getting skin cancer on your face. 

2. You have more time to do the things you love by not shaving - The New York Times published that shaving takes up approximately 3,350 hours over your life. That's almost 140 days!! Imagine that amount of time you could instead be spending trying to find your next movie on Netflix.....

3. You become more attractive - research shows that a good, healthy beard makes a guy seem more attractive in todays modern world to the majority of people surveyed by the University of Queensland (yep those guys again). The study, where over 8,000 women were asked had varied results — for example, 5 o'clock shadows were seen as better one-night stand propositions, whereas men with fuller beards were assessed as better long-term partners. But on average, the majority of surveyed women preferred guys with some fluff on their face. Another study surveyed gay men and found that they also gave higher ratings to men with a healthy amount of whiskers. If you mostly want to join the beard club to level up your romance game, science is firmly on your side.

4. It gives you extra insulation in the winter months - bit of an obvious one this.….According to Anthony M. Rossi, a dermatologist interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, wintertime beards are essentially all-natural scarves. According to Popular Science, these hairy scarves keep the skin underneath 1 degree warmer than it is in unguarded areas. Some researchers have even proposed that the entire evolutionary purpose of the beard was to keep the face warm, explains why Darwin loved some facial foliage.

5. Keeps your skin looking younger - this happens because having a beard actually protects the skin underneath from aging, according to the tabloid Metro, by blocking sun exposure, which results in fewer wrinkles, fewer liver spots, and so on. Another factor keeping your bearded face so smooth is your sebaceous glands, which are always working to keep your skin oiled up and moisturized, according to Business Insider. People touch their face a lot, so you'd normally be rubbing this oil off pretty regularly, but not if you have a thick beard protecting your cheeks and thus preserving your skin's oils and even better if you are using a beard oil that mimics your natural oils. So while having a beard might make you look older today, it'll make you look younger in the future.

6. Contrary to beliefs a distinct lack of Poo (Myth busting) - The whole "poopy beards" scare of 2015 will not be forgotten anytime soon, but for those who missed it, that year saw headlines blow up about a so-called "study" claiming beards carried more faecal particles than a toilet bowl. Thankfully, Snopes points out that this "research" consisted of merely a couple guys giving some beard swabs to a lab, with one microbiologist's comments being taken wildly out of context. So don't worry: the whole thing was basically an attempt to slander beards. Don't believe the haters: Beards aren't dripping with horribly infectious germs as long as you wash that is In fact, a study published by the Journal of Hospital Infection took samples from 408 male hospital workers, both with and without beards. It goes without saying that health care employees get exposed to some nasty viruses, but according to the Independent, it was found that clean-shaven faces were three times more likely to be carrying MRSA than hairy ones. This may be because shaving creates micro-abrasions in the skin, and these little cuts become perfect bacterial breeding zones. Get this the study also found that beards might contain a type of bacteria-killing-bacteria which could potentially be developed into powerful new antibiotics!!

7. It takes you longer to get drunk - now stay with me on this one...…if you're a beer drinker with a beard you'll know the amount of times you have to wipe away the nectar foam from your hairy lip. A study from Guinness (and here I thought they were only wasting their time doing records) states that about 162,719 pints of Guinness gets lost in the hairy lip bushes of U.K. drinkers every year. Apparently the average whiskered stout fan loses about 0.56 millilitres of beverage in their moustache so if you drink at the same pace as your pals who partook in the 'best a man can get' challenge before they came out, you'll be slightly more sober.

8. A beard can change peoples opinion of you - Is this good or bad? Depends on your outlook. According to Psychology Today, studies have shown that men with beards are generally regarded as more masculine, dominant, and socially mature. They are also usually regarded as more responsible, older, fatherly figures, at a glance. On the other hand, New Republic cited a 2012 study where men were photographed both bearded and clean-shaven, then told to make a range of expressions. When these photos were shown to other participants, the pictures of bearded "angry" expressions were rated as looking way more aggressive than the angry clean-shaven ones.

9. You get less ingrowing hairs - Having a beard or being clean-shaven isn't like flicking a light switch. If you possess the Y chromosome, then nature almost certainly wants you to have a beard, and getting rid of it requires frequent dalliances with a painfully sharp blade. The tragic result of this, according to GQ, is ingrown hairs, bumps, and skin irritation. So if you hate ingrown hairs, stop shaving, and they'll be a thing of the past.

10. They look flipping awesome - no exact research on this one just a pure assumption, I mean have you seen a Viking?!  

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