What & Whys of Beard Oil

A few people have asked me "Why are you using beard oil?" And a few more have asked me "What the hell is it?". So I thought I would post a little explanation the best I can......

What is Beard Oil?

It is usually a blend of 'Base' or 'Carrier' Oils (which mimic your face's oils) and Essential Oils (which give the oil its fragrance and added special powers). The Gentle Man Beard Oils use a base of Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil. Jojoba is used as its the closest oil to your skin (along with a whole range of other benefits I'll go over another time), while Sweet Almond is full of Vitamin E which is an extremely powerful antioxidant.

Why use Beard Oil?

While moisturising your facial hair it also looks after your skin underneath. Dependant on the blend of Essential Oils it can help soften your beard hair, tame unruly hairs growing in random directions, add shine, eliminates Beard-Druff (yes its a thing) and even help your beard grow.

Who should use it?

Don't feel like you need a Dumbledore style or be a full on Hipster before you buy any, it can and should be used by every man from stubble up to a fully grown wizard with every style in-between. Short Beards need as much care as any beard as does your skin underneath. God forbid that you should have to shave one day and you haven't looked after your face!

When should you use it?

Best time would be in the morning, after your shower or wash your face, this will the open up your hair follicles and pores so the oil can then be easily absorbed. As our oils also smell so good I wouldn't deter you from putting a couple of drops on later in the day to help you smelling fresh.

How do you use it?

Its ridiculously easy. You simply put a few drops (dependant on the length of beard you have) into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and massage through your beard or over your stubble. That's it. Nothing too sternums or overly pampery. You also don't need to use that much meaning our 30ml bottles will last you unlike your other bathroom products.

Where can I buy some?

Either over at www.thegentlemanbeardcompany.com or you can click on some our photos on Instagram and it will let you purchase straight away. We ship throughout the UK, US and Australia and accept all major cards and Paypal.

If you still want more info drop me a message over on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Email (thegentlemanbeardcompany@gmail.com) 

The Gentle Man


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