Why are we Gentle Man and not Gentleman?

So a quick story of why we are here.........first off I have a magnificent Ginger thatch on my face so I wanted to make myself some beard oils and realised I had hidden talent (technically under that thatch I guess) for blending together key essential oils to make a great smell. Then my Dad decided to grow himself a beard, either so we looked alike or just through laziness (if you knew him you'd know all too well which it was!). His birthday was coming up so I thought I'd make him a bottle so he could keep it a bit neater. He loved the smell and surprisingly started to use it straight away.

Sadly not long after he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away within a few months of diagnosis. After he died I went to his house to help sort through his memories and things to see what needed to go to charity shops or to family members. Him being a slight hoarder didn't make this an easier task, thankfully some of the random items kept over the years kept us all smiling at the sheer comedy of the man. A few hours into sorting I came across a half empty bottle of the beard oil that I had forgot I'd even made. A light bulb went of and I decided 'One day I'll make more of these!'. That one day has now passed and I made it into a small business that I can be proud of along with the man who is longer with us. My aim is to make an online store and products that can be used by every man at all stages of beard growth. Whether stubble, a 'Craig David' or a grizzly beard I hope to have something for you.

As for the name: At his funeral his best friend and brother in law started his eulogy with the line 'He wasn't just a Gentleman but a Gentle Man'. Kind, sympathetic, simple and strong there was only ever going to be one name for my new venture. A tribute to him from me.

So where are we at.........the start is Beard Oils with three current 'scents' or 'flavours' (let me know which you prefer) which you will see are Summer, Autumn and Winter. Next will be Spring when I develop what I see as the right mix. Then I'll be on to Beard Balms keeping those signature scents. After that who knows but I'm excited to find out. I'm currently the only one working on this from producing the products to the website and even the labels, so its a real personal project.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me so far to spread the word by sharing and liking my posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. And for taking the time to even read this. Blogs and posts from here on in will be less emotional I promise. Please let me know any thoughts on anything from the products, the website, this blog to your favourite bearded men, I want to hear from everyone.

Again thank you all

The (son of) Gentle Man

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