Four Seasons - 4 pack of 30ml Beard Oil

Four Seasons - 4 pack of 30ml Beard Oil

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All four Beard Oil Fragrances in a one off special price just in case you couldn't choose between them all!

Each are made with Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil and their own unique blend of Essential Oils.

  • Spring - Bergamot, Lavender & Vetiver giving you a fresh and bombastic flowery scented beard. 
  • Summer - Orange and Lime to give your facial hair a sweet and citrus smell.
  • Autumn - Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Orange and Vanilla which will give you a warm and comforting smelling face
  • Winter - Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Tea Tree Oil giving you a fresh and Piney scented beard

All made with 100% Natural Ingredients.